Founded in 2009 by Laura Ali, TripleWin offers a variety of courses to help students prepare for the modern workforce. These courses include entrepreneurship, STEM education, and technical preparation. The company also provides free placement assistance and language preparation.

In addition to its educational offerings, TripleWin offers internships focused on collaboration. This helps students gain skills and experience that will help them succeed in their careers. triplewin คาสิโนออลไลน์ offers various school breaks, such as summer availability.

TripleWin also has a software application, the NOOA (No Ordinary Office Assistant). The NOOA has beaten 350 competitors. The application uses a combination of assessments and approaches to help employees complete projects more efficiently.

TripleWin has a mission to become a thought leader in digital change management. It has a goal to achieve 100 million euros in turnover within five years.

The company has also recently launched its own office in Chicago. This office serves customers in the US and Europe. TripleWin believes that it is in the right place at the right time. The company has already signed its first US customers. It has also signed up its first European customers.

The company has also developed a solution for the local news void. TAPinto is a digitally-based news feed. It is a great way to share local activities and businesses. TAPinto has eight million readers annually.

triple win has a blog, and offers a podcast. It also has a property management podcast.